Mentoring Session On Raising Funds From Capital Market For Sme's Startups

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Mentoring Session On Raising Funds From Capital Market For Sme's Startups


Did you know that medium, small and emerging enterprises comprise over 80% of the total number of firms present in India? However, together their total revenue contribution to the IT-BPM exports is 60%, as compared to 40% coming in from the big names in the industry. While some companies will find solutions, majority of SMEs will require leadership handholding. Keeping this in context and as a part of its consistent endeavours to help the company leadership develop a keen sense of what needs to be done in order to take business to the next level, NASSCOM SME Council West has organized a mentoring session for SMEs / Startups, on raising funds from capital market on 27th October in Mumbai.

We are delighted to invite you to this mentoring session, which will help SMEs understand, balance and enhance organizational growth, through the gravities of raising fund from capital market.

To derive complete benefit out of this, you should be open to having your current assumptions challenged and see things from an altogether different standpoint, if needed.

Despite the contribution of SMEs in Indian economic growth, the sector is facing challenges and does not get the requisite support from the concerned banks and financial Institutions, which is beginning to be a hurdle in the growth path of the SMEs. The most important problem that is faced by existing/emerging SMEs is the absence of adequate knowledge, in terms of raising funds through the capital markets. A big leap for SMEs was witnessed in 2010, with "The Prime Minister's Task Force" recommending setting up of dedicated stock exchange/ platform for SMEs. SEBI, through its circular dated May 18, 2010, laid down framework for setting up a stock exchange/ trading platform, solely dedicated to SMEs.

Listing of a company to stock exchange and an IPO is an extremely cumbersome exercise, which calls for high diligence. Thus, it is critical for every SME to be hands-on with the pre-requisites needed to take the plunge in the capital markets.

The scheduled mentoring session, helping the SME members understand the intricacies of raising funds from capital market will be conducted by Mr. Aslam Khan - NASSCOM Regional Council member and Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Octaware Technologies Limited.

The session will cover -

  • Sources of fund raising
  • Introduction to capital market
  • IPO benefits
  • Ready for IPO?
  • Journey to IPO
  • SME IPO Process

A line of confirmation will help us block your seat for this in-depth discussion, helping your organization prosper. Please send you confirmation to Ms. Chetna Desai 

Sonali Khopkar
                                                                                                                   Mr. Aslam Khan 
                                                                                                Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Octaware 
                                                                                                                  Technologies Limited 

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Program Schedule

Friday, October 27th,2017 - 15:00 PM- 17:00 PM


NASSCOM Samruddhi Venture Park, Office 14-15, Ground Floor, Central MIDC Road, Andheri  (E), Mumbai - 400093